As we turn the corner into the holiday season, it’s time for those long drives to see family. For many families, there is some plan on how to keep everyone occupied in the car: stocking up on books to read, devices charged, simple activities like coloring.

For my family, we are such avid movie people that we like to catch up on movies on the drive. Some cars (like ours) do have a DVD player and screen, but that means keeping DVD (but not blu ray) discs in the car and everyone agreeing to one movie.

As the kids moved away from watching the same animated movie over and over again, we decided to purchase a WiFi external hard drive (EHD). Similar to a regular EHD that you plug into your computer and transfer files to, this hard drive does the same thing BUT has a WiFi transmitter in it. What does this mean? It broadcasts a WiFi network which your devices can pick up and stream from.

A little prep is involved the first time you do this:

  1. copy movie files that you own from your computer to the external hard drive

  2. download an app for your devices that allows you to see the files on the EHD

  3. set up the connection so the WiFi is available on the device

  4. utilize a power source in your car to plug in the drive

Once you are done, you can travel with hundreds of movies at the ready and everyone watching their own movie (hopefully with headphones!). Of course it’s not necessary for a short drive, but if you are planning a long haul this holiday season, give it a try!

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