OBSESSION: The Power of Not Powering Through

OBSESSION: The Power of Not Powering Through

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur. This means, I do a lot of things! I have a wide variety of interests and it takes a lot to keep me satisfied in what I am working on and accomplishing. I’ve come to terms with this, I know not everyone works this way. I am aware that from the outside, some people can’t understand why I even take on what I do. I am okay with that. 

This also means I have a tendency to not ask for help. I know what I can handle and can plan, juggle and sort accordingly. However, recently some things have taken an unexpected turn. My “day job” has become extremely time-consuming outside business hours. Our recent move has put me in a position of more hours on the road transporting kids to activities. Even some once-a-month associations have turned into multiple meetings per month which became a struggle.

When I was finally hit with a significant cold (my body’s way of telling me I was on overload), I had to really stop and assess what I was doing, how much and what was important. At that moment I realized that my old adage of just “power through” when times were stretched wasn’t going to be the answer. I had to recognize that my day job was mentally and physically draining me so I didn’t have the reserves I normally draw upon. My children, having moved into new phases of their life, had demands I didn’t expect nor knew I would have to allocate my time to. Finally, looking across everything I was doing, I realized I wasn’t having any fun.

There were two activities in my life that, due to timing, I realized I could step away from in my current capacity. That meant reaching out to dear, professional friends and letting them know they could not count on me at this time. Never in my life had I stepped back from my commitments so I was nervous to reach out and share this change in circumstance. Surprisingly (to me) both friends were extremely supportive. They had already noticed my struggle and were concerned. They recognized (before I did) that taking a pause made total sense. I felt such a sense of relief and gratitude. Relief that I was making the right decision and gratitude that I had such caring friends. 

I’m keeping a heightened sense of awareness now in my activities. I’m on the lookout for overload “warning signs.” I am also continually assessing my commitments as well as strength and stamina. Most of all, I am watching for my default position of “powering through” to remind myself that I have the power to not power through. 

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