ORGANIZING TIP: Calendar Reflection

ORGANIZING TIP: Calendar Reflection

I have always touted the benefits of digital calendars -- the ability to share information, the easy way to repeat or move events, and more. However in 2019 I dedicated myself to a practice of calendar reflection at the end of every month...and that calendar is on paper!

A friend recommended a great calendar + journal + motivational tool called Freedom Mastery’s Law of Attraction planner. For her, she spends time weekly calendaring what she is doing and reflecting on what she is accomplishing. I have not been able to reach that level of discipline (yet!) but I’ve started with a monthly reflection. 

Sometime in the last calendar days of the month I sit down with this journal and pause to think about what goals I have set, what I want to accomplish, and the path to getting there. In addition, have found there is an added bonus of transferring all of my key upcoming events for the next month in the month calendar of the journal. Why? 

Simply copying the events to the paper calendar allows my mind to wander and connect the dots on events, people, and tasks. I can quickly jump to the empty square at the bottom of the page to create a “to do list” as I think of things - to do’s that I had slipped my mind and I’m not sure would have returned. 

At a month-view I am able to take a fresh look at everything going on for my family. Are we overcommitted to events? Is there a lot of travel in the month? Do some days look really tough to accomplish? These are concerns that I can tackle now rather than waiting until me, or the family, is stressed out. 

Finally, the transfer helps me look at empty blocks of time -- do I have time in the month specifically for self care or time to focus on a key personal goal? Has “busy” taken over or is there a sense of balance? Is there fun or just work overloading the page?

This reflection doesn’t take long and I do not go deep, however it provides a sense of calm in times that feel crazy and overloaded. I’m hoping to continue to develop this practice and dive deeper to keep my goals on track, but for this year, this monthly reflection -- and now at the middle of the year -- feels like a good first start. 

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