ORGANIZING TIP: The Other Side of Moving

ORGANIZING TIP: The Other Side of Moving

Moving has to be one of the most stressful life events...right up there with some of the big ones! There is just so much to do, and a fixed deadline. There is hurry, hurry, hurry then sit and watch the movers move your stuff.

Although I have only moved my family three times, my extended family has moved many more times. There are several tips I’ve learned along the way when it is time to unpack:

  1. Set up the beds first. Make sure to keep track of the bed linens for all beds and set those up first thing. By the time you need them you will be too tired to deal with them.

  2. Prioritize what gets unpacked. Key for me is the kitchen -- getting the kitchen operational quickly can go a long way in feeling settled.

  3. Put away then play. Everything in the house does not have to be put away exactly how you will always want it. Get it put away now, and as you live and adapt in your space you will rearrange and settle in

  4. Boxes be gone. After living with boxes for weeks or months before a move, you will want to get those boxes out of your new space as soon as possible. Box-living feels temporary and uneasy. Less boxes feels more secure.

  5. Plan ahead. Make sure to assemble a tool box with all of the basics as you are trying to get unpacked:

  • packing tape (yes still!)

  • hammer

  • screwdrivers

  • picture hanging kits

  • measuring tape

  • felt feet (for hardwood floors)

  • pencil

  • notepad

If this little kit is handy you can accomplish most of what you need to do in a short amount of time.

We decided to pay it forward and donated all of our 200+ moving boxes to families or organizations we knew who needed them. Although we had purchased them new, it felt good to pass them on -- and have other people come pick them up.

Moving is tough, tiring and sometimes feels like a full-contact sport. But with some focus and planning, the experience can end quickly and you can settle back into regular life.

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