Through a crazy turn of events we find ourselves moving into our forever home this spring. We have been in a sprint of trying to get our current home ready to put on the market. If anyone can ever prompt you to really transform your home, it is your realtor.

In addition to painting and packing, this opportunity to scale down provided us the chance to remove a layer of items we no longer need. After going through anything that can be donated or passed onto others, it was time to just let go. To make this a bit easier we rented a dumpster.

Although people joke that it would take a dumpster to clean up their home, there is something empowering about having a dumpster in your driveway. Items you might hedge about keeping at other times (for no real justified reason) can be let go of instantly when you have a spot to put them in...the dumpster! Broken items, leftover paint cans, even some broken up concrete from an old spot on the patio can be tossed--and all around clutter can disappear so quickly!

We rented a dumpster for 3 days but by having it delivered on a Friday, the two weekend days didn’t count. So we ended up with a dumpster for six days. That gave us a chance to pace ourselves as we went room by room and removing that layer of clutter.

By renting a larger dumpster (with a three ton limit) we were empowered to really remove what we truly didn’t need. It was freeing to get rid of things we had no other way of disposing of. The dumpster has a large door that opens so you can walk in and deposit items. As it gets full, by keeping the door closed we could continue to fill it. For our son, he really enjoyed “chucking” items into the dumpster!

The rental company then hauls the dumpster away and sorts through all large items to pull anything recyclable. We appreciate this extra step knowing that our curb-side recycling could not take it all.

As you prepare for spring cleaning, consider renting a small or large (if you need it) dumpster to create that one spot to dispose of your clutter.

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