OBSESSION: Utilizing Curtains and Scarves

OBSESSION: Utilizing Curtains and Scarves

I consider myself pretty lousy with window treatments. I’m thankful that curtain styles have become simpler and even more thankful that my house already had window blinds installed. But there are some ways I’ve been using window curtains and scarves that are easy yet helpful.

February - burrr. Here in the midwest we seem to be getting “record” cold temperatures. Years ago I purchased heavy light/temperature-blocking curtains to help keep the heat in during the winter. They are fairly plain (a solid color) but I’m always shocked when I put them up in the winter how much they help keep the heat in and the slight chill out. With our recent Polar Vortex I put up even more of these curtains everywhere it could be helpful to keep us toasty. I’ll be glad when it warms up again and I can pop on the summer-type curtains that let the sun in, but I’m snuggly for now.

I have also used some great curtain fabric to make pillows for a room - treating the curtain panel like simple yards of fabric from the fabric store. The fabric tends to be pretty durable and easy to work with so it has been a great way to add a touch of color into a room.

Recently I’m enjoying working with large wall scarves as well. I have a room with a great faux finish which looks wonderful until you have to fill  nail holes. It is such a struggle to make the hole blend in so ultimately I purchased a large (5’ x 8’) scarf that shows a tropical beach scene. It is like an instant wall mural!

I also use scarves on our windows to simply wrap across the curtain rod and let the fabric easily drape. Scarves tend to be a bit less expensive than formal window treatments and can add some interest in the room.

When looking at your curtains, consider any other things you can do with these festive bolts of fabric!

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