TRAVEL TIP: Google Flights

TRAVEL TIP: Google Flights

For me it is never too early to think about the next vacation! One of the biggest vacation hassles is flying – trying to find the right flights for the right price. There are so many price websites out there but often I end up directly booking with an airline for the best deal.

This summer I discovered Google Flights. This site makes it easy to look up your travel plans (round trip or one way) and save that search. Google will then notify you when there is a change in pricing.

I’ve belonged to several sites that do the same, but I became frustrated with both the volume of emails and notifications they generated as well as the advertising that came with every message. Some sites or programs even charge a fee to subscribe.

Google Flights provides cost-effective flight suggestions from my home town, as well as review all flights I am tracking (and in what currency) with no subscriber fee. The interface on the site is clean, uncluttered and easy to follow. The site also introduces international airlines that I might not be as familiar with as well and shows these carriers side-by-side for comparison.

Google, with its massive amounts of data storage also provides a tracking history, so you can see if a certain flight historically goes up or down in price at certain times. That reporting gives me a ball park idea of when a good time might be to purchase.

Thinking about your next get away? Spend some time on Google Flights!

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