ORGANIZING TIP: Bringing the Dresser out of the Bedroom

ORGANIZING TIP: Bringing the Dresser out of the Bedroom

I like to cruise decorating websites for new ideas--just to see if anything sparks an idea that I can apply in my home.

One thing I see frequently is the “hallway” makeover where you create a landing spot when you walk in the door. I think that’s a great idea and have utilized various tables and benches over the years to do this. Now, I’ve moved to having an actual dresser in the hallway.

We keep a lamp on the dresser (on a timer of course) for walking into a dark house. Kids can drop book bags or other items on the dresser, and it is next to the coat hooks. However, unlike a table or bench, there is plenty of storage which acts as an extension of our hall closet. Our hallway dresser holds:

  • glove drawer

  • hat drawer

  • sunglasses drawer

  • extension cord/flashlight drawer

  • cabinet of floor cleaners (spot cleaners, etc)

  • cabinet of dog items (towels, sweaters, etc)

Where the closest falls short in not holding these little items, the dresser works perfectly. Because I was not trying to match a bedroom set, I could get one on sale that fit into the design aesthetic of the space (win!).

As winter approaches and you dig out those extra items, consider creating a space not only to land but store what you need for coming in out of the cold.

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