HOLIDAY: Nixplay Frames

HOLIDAY: Nixplay Frames

Sometimes there are people on your holiday shopping list that are just tough to buy for. There is nothing they really need and no one hobby or interest you can zero in on. One recommendation I have for family and friends is the Nixplay Digital Frames.

There are similar frames on the market but for ease of use and ability to administer this is my favorite. After selecting the frame that goes well in your home, simply create an account on their website. You can then upload photos and short videos (with audio) to Nixplay’s cloud and then arrange those photos into albums to display on a photo frame. In addition, by downloading their app to your phone, any picture you take can be accepted by the frame and posted for viewing.

What I enjoy is the administration feature. You can pre-set up the frames for gift giving, and send out the details to other family members or friends so they can immediately start adding photos to the display. Nixplay’s cloud has plenty of storage room, and both the app and the website are extremely easy to navigate.

If you are looking for that gift that keeps on giving, consider a Nixplay photo frame.

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