TRAVEL TIP: Staycation

TRAVEL TIP: Staycation

Right before the holidays kick in to gear, I consider going on a staycation. This phrase was coined to describe a “get away” that is not far away -- usually in your home city! Whether it is a hotel, an Airbnb or a bed and breakfast, a staycation is a great way to change environments and give yourself a mental vacation without the significant expense of a physical vacation.

Sometimes I like to find a boutique hotel in a part of our city I haven’t spent much time in yet. Other times I enjoy utilizing my accumulated hotel point and staying at a hotel chain in one of their newer or higher end hotels.

Consider packing things to read, movies or tv to binge on, or something else you would like to tackle. You can treat yourself to a spa service, a dip in a pool, a leisurely tour around town, or room service.

This little retreat doesn’t have to break the bank, but it can provide an alternative space to allow your head to clear and your body to rest. Packing should be light, travel time should be short and the benefits should be significant. Give it a try!

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