OBSESSION: Fun Approaches to Painting

OBSESSION: Fun Approaches to Painting

Sometimes to stretch creatively I’ll sign up to do some kind of painting that brings a bit of fun along with it, so I don’t take art too seriously (paint by number anyone?). Recently I have had several opportunities to try something new:

WINE AND PAINTING: This is a fun evening out with some girlfriends, often for charity. Everyone gathers at a location where drinks are served and a DIY Paint Studio company comes in to lead the class in creating a work of art. All materials are provided and the instructor breaks down the approach to the painting so you can see the elements and layers simplistically, but still bring your own style. Over time we have accumulated several of these canvases showing sunsets, forests, fall still lifes and more. My favorite part is at the end of class where we all look up and see how each other interpreted color, direction and movement. We are creating our own little art gallery at home!

DOTTING: I discovered this last year and what a relaxing way to create! With just a couple of tools you can begin to apply paints as dots in pleasing patterns. This can go from simple to complex quickly. Once you start, you begin to see how dots can be applied to so many surfaces...coffee mugs, cell phone cases, even old records! There is a mathematical element to it when creating the concentric circles and other patterns, developing a repeating color scheme. It brings a soothing element to both the left and right brains.

Looking for something simple to get your creative juices flowing? Try one of these in your community!

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