Obsession: Malas

Obsession: Malas

I have two wonderful girlfriends with birthdays just a couple of days apart from mine. This year, to celebrate we decided to go build Modmalas together.

A mala is a string of beads (usually a necklace or bracelet in length) that allows you to count mantras or keep track of your mantras as you meditate and sit silently. In our case, we used a “Modmala kit” to sit together and build our mala necklaces.

At first we meditated for a few minutes with a guide. This let us shake off the day and relax and be present in our evening. Next we started stringing our first bead and brought an intention to that bead. Then, we exchanged necklaces and strung a bead for each other and brought an intention to their necklace and our friendship. The we exchanged once more so we had the chance to bring an intention to each one of us.

We sat in a quiet space, got comfortable and kept our hands busy stringing and knotting as we chatted and got caught up. Mentally we were still setting an intention with every bead. I had a brief flash of an old-time sewing circle — that gathering that allowed ladies connection while they were completing something.

I absolutely love my mala and know that when I wear it my friends intentions for me and my life are carried with me. I’m excited to know there are mala kits that I can order and replicate the same experience with close friends anywhere.

The next time I’m thinking of getting a couple of friends together for wine and chatter, I may rethink and look to gather for connection and intention instead.

Links for you: Modmala Kits

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