Often times with Alzheimer’s patients, there is significant frustration with the inability to remember names. There are certain stages where patients know they know your name but their brain can not retrieve it. This leads to anger, sadness and general irritation with this block in retrieving information.

One way to support them on this journey is building a small photo book with names on the photos. A pocket-size album that clearly illustrates each family member and their name can be handy and easier than carrying around a bunch of loose photos.

By having the names on the photos, any caregiver sitting with the patient can walk through the family member names and help the patient’s conversation about the things they do remember, often the longer-term memories.

These albums do not need to be fancy or complex. Actually for Alzheimer’s patients, the simpler the better. Cluttered pages can be confusing. Bright or contrasting colors also help them process the information they see since losing depth perception is common.

As a professional Personal Photo Organizer, I highly recommend these cost-efficient, pocket albums for any elder in your family to treasure.  

Links for you: Accordion Mini Photo Books

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