ORGANIZING TIP: Kitchen Stations

ORGANIZING TIP: Kitchen Stations

Does it sometimes feel like you are in a whirlwind trying to get things done in the kitchen? When my daughter bakes it seems like every cabinet and drawer are opened and shut multiple times. Sprinkles of flour and sugar cover multiple countertops. When my family is unloading the dishwasher, it is a dance around each other to get to every spot. In the mornings we bump into each other our the groggy state of trying to make coffee. We finally came up with a solution to this craziness -- kitchen stations.

Similar to pulling together all of the grilling items necessary for a good barbecue, we took a look around our kitchen and determined how best to utilize space to we could get things done in just one spot.

For baking, it was time to pull together all of the tools (mixers, measuring cups, parchment paper, pans) into one location in the island cabinets so everything becomes accessible in one cabinet and drawer.

We cleared the cabinet above the coffee pot and turned it into our own little coffee shop with mugs, coffee, spices and everything else needed to wake up in the morning.

It took some rearranging but we scooted all plates, cups, and silverware to the cabinets and drawers directly above or adjacent to the dishwasher.

There is a little bit of bumping into each other now as we get used to the new set up. But our kitchen activities seem to go a bit quicker now that we are not shuffling across the kitchen and back every other minute to finish what we are doing. We look at each section of our kitchen as a potential “station” for what we love to do!

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